Aspirin Dosage For Dogs

Is Aspirin Safe For Dogs?

Aspirin Dosage For Dogs

Aspirin is an over-the-counter drug that belongs to the group of drugs called Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (or NSAIDs).

                                  Can Dogs Take Aspirin? 

In other words, is aspirin safe? Giving dogs aspirin is common practise among many pet owners. It is usually given for joint pain and arthritis in dogs.

The aspirin dosage for dogs depends largely on the weight of the dog, its age and other factors such as existing medical conditions, taking other drugs with which aspirin may interact and lead to very serious complications. 

Aspirin for dogs can even be fatal if you do not pay close attention to the proper amount of dosage or when you ignore the fact that your dog is receiving other drugs at the same time. Thus, please consult your vet first and do not treat the issue of aspirin dosage for dogs too lightly.  

                                               Aspirin Dose For Dogs

As mentioned above, the aspirin dosage for dogs is largely based on the dog's weight. Older dogs require a smaller dose than younger ones.

A standard aspirin pill is 320 mg and a baby aspirin is 80 mg. The way many vets count the proper aspirin dosage for dogs is to multiply 5mg per 1 pound of dog's weight.

This is considered a safer approach because there are vets that apply 10 mg per 1 pound of weight. The dose is administered every 12 hours.  Thus, a 16 pound dog will be usually prescribed 1 baby aspirin ( 16 x 5= 80 mg).

If your dog is very small, obviously you need to be more cautious and consult your vet.

Here is a chart showing a typical aspirin dosage for dogs (this is not medical advice; please consult your vet to be sure of proper aspirin dosage for your dog) usually given every 12 hours:

Dog's Weight:                       Aspirin Dosage For Dogs:

Less then 10lbs                                 1/2 baby aspirin

 16 lbs                                                  1 baby aspirin ( 80 mg)

 24 lbs                                                  1 + 1/2 baby aspirins (120 mg)

 32 lbs                                                  2 baby aspirins (or half adult/ 160mg)

 40 lbs                                                  2 + 1/2 baby aspirin (or  half adult/160 mg)

 48 lbs                                                  3 baby aspirins (3/4 adult/240 mg)

 56 lbs                                                  3 + 1/2 baby aspirins (280 mg)

 64 lbs                                                  4 baby aspirins (1 adult/320 mg)

 72 lbs                                                  4 + 1/2 baby aspirin (360 mg)

 80 lbs                                                  5 baby aspirins (1 + 1/4 adult/400mg)

 88 lbs                                                  5 + 1/2 baby aspirin (440mg)

 96 lbs                                                  6 baby aspirins (1+ 1/2 adult/480mg)

104 lbs                                                 6 + 1/2 baby aspirins ( 520 mg) 

It is recommended that you stop administering aspirin, at least, one to two weeks before any surgery and that you never give it to the dog when it is receiving other drugs or even when you have just stopped administering other drugs.

A few day pause (after the dog was on another drug) before administering aspirin is the recommended minimum. Also, you should give the recommended dose at meal times and, if possible, avoid giving coated aspirin as many times it is not digested properly and excreted in the stool. One way to do it is to grind it and give it with a meal.

Please bear in mind that regardless of how great the aspirin dosage is, you should consult the vet about whether it is safe to take it. After all, the well-being of your pet is at stake.